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How to Motivate Staff

Motivate Staff

One of the key functions of an organization is to motivate and encourage its employees towards the goals

and objectives of the organization. By using proper motivational tools and steps, the organization can ensure

higher employee productivity, effectiveness, job engagement, and low wastage and employee turnover.


Several important ways of motivating staff in an organization are discussed below:

 Proper Monetary Compensations:

Monetary compensation plays an important role in motivating the staff. Without proper salary and bonuses, it

is hard for any organization to motivate the staff in reaching organizational goals. When the staff is ensured of

a steady salary, bonus, and other monetary compensations, they are relieved of their worries regarding

personal expenses and more concentrated on the job. For this, to motivate the staff, the organization should

follow an appropriate payroll system that ensures industry-standard basic pay, hourly rates, overtime rates, and bonuses.

 Performance-based Rewards:

To motivate the staff, the organization should adopt performance-based rewards under which, the employees

would be given higher monetary and non-monetary rewards based on their higher performance. In this way,

the employees would be motivated to increase their productivity and work quality to enjoy rewards such as

paid leaves, corporate tours, bonuses, etc.

 Friendly Environment:

Establishing a friendly and inspiring work environment helps the employees to grow and develop personal

skills and competencies and thus motivate them in greater job engagement. For this, an organization should

develop a non-discriminatory friendly workplace and encourage cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork among the employees to motivate them.

 Achievement Recognition:

It is in human nature to get recognition of achievements. The organization can motivate its staff by giving

appropriate recognition to their workplace achievements such as attaining higher productivity, customer

satisfaction, higher sales, etc. The organization should give proper recognition to the efforts and

achievements by noting their contributions in the meetings, praising them in the staff email, making them

employees of the week or month, etc.

 Personal Development:

The organization should encourage the staff in personal skills development by providing them training

opportunities. By allowing the staff to improve and increase personal skills, knowledge, and competencies,

the organization would be able to build a competent workplace and motivate them in job engagement. When

employees have higher growth opportunities and pursue their career objectives, they are more likely to

increase their productivity, creativity, and job engagement, and thus, personal development programs can

help the organization to motivate its staff.


To motivate the employees, the organization needs to encourage creativity and innovation in the workplace.

By inspiring the employees in being creative and innovative in solving workplace problems and finding better

alternative strategies, the organization would be able to motivate the employees to share their ideas and

opinions with the managers and colleagues. Since the employees would be able to express their ideas and

take part in organizational decision-making, they would feel to be an essential part of the organization and

become motivated to attain the goals and objectives of the organization as personal goals and objectives.  

 Flexibility and work-life balance:

The organization should allow the staff to have a flexible work schedule so that they can have a balanced

work-life and become motivated to work efficiently in the workplace. In this case, to motivate the staff, the

organization should allow work from home, remote working, flexible timing, parental leaves, holiday leaves,

etc. so that the employees do not become monotonous and isolated from personal life which can decrease

their productivity.

  Effective Communication:

By establishing an effective communication system, the organization can ensure that the employees can

properly share their emotions, ideas, opinions, knowledge, and skills among them and with the higher

management. In this way, the employees can get help for completing their tasks properly and also cooperate

with others. Moreover, effective communication reduces the distance between employers and the staff. Thus,

employees can get a clear understanding of the organizational goals and their responsibilities to achieve

those goals. This motivates the staff to become more goal-oriented and productive in the workplace.


The success of any organization highly depends on whether its staff is motivated to attain the organizational

goals and objectives through higher productivity and efficiency in the workplace. The above-mentioned

strategies will help an organization to motivate its staff and reach its goals. In this case, the organization

should start the process of motivating the staff by ensuring a standardized and steady monetary

compensation system. Because, if the staff does not get their salaries and bonuses timely, they will not be

able to bear personal expenses and become highly demotivated in working in that organization.

In this case, an organization can motivate its staff by ensuring timely payment of salaries and bonuses through

the use of invoice financing services offered by Lendo Financing Solution. It will help the organization to

unlock urgent cash from account receivables and use that fund to pay salaries in time that motivate the staff

in the workplace.

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