Flexible financial solutions that maximize your business growth!

Businesses lose an average of 20% of annual revenue due to limited access to finance. Lendo makes financing easily accessible, offering customized lending options that meet your business needs in a matter of days.

Certified by Saudi Central Bank
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Connect businesses with investors
Lendo connects businesses with investors offering quality short-term financing. Our meticulous due diligence, risk assessment, and credit evaluation ensure that every opportunity is a perfect match for both businesses and investors.
Grow your business quickly
Lendo offers customized, fast, and scalable lending options specially designed to meet your unique business needs. Our tailor-made solutions help you focus on growing your business and achieving your success milestones.
Earn high returns on your investments
Our personalized short-term investment opportunities are designed to fit the needs of diverse investors, with high returns in mind.
Connecting SMEs To Investors
Lendo enables SMEs to access reputable investors for short-term loans, ensuring the highest standards of security and quality.Through our meticulous due diligence, risk assessment, and credit evaluation, we ensure that every opportunity on our platform meets the needs of both SMEs and investors.
Unlock Potential Growth
Maximize your SME's growth potential with Lendo's customized lending options, empowering your business to soar and attain remarkable milestones of success.
A New Asset Class of Investment
Redefining Your Investment Experience! Explore personalized short-term opportunities that fit your preferences. Join now to unlock your path to financial success!

360 Financial Solutions

We offer a wide range of investment and lending solutions.
For businesses
Apply in minutes
We make financing easier, faster, and smarter.
Invest like a pro with Lendo auto-invest feature.
Build custom end-to-end support an workflows
Automate support from customers an contact to closing the ticket.
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Investing with Lendo is quick and simple. Our Auto-invest feature work for all portfolios, it's fully automated and calculates various points specific for each portfolio.
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For investors
Manage your portfolio
You'll have full visibility on your investment amount along with expected net profits in your Portfolio Summary.
Islamic Financing

Commitment to Shariah Compliance

At Lendo, we make sure our business conduct abides by Islamic principles and values.
Certified by the Shariyah Review Bureau

Trustworthy Data Sources

Our scoring engine uses more than 100 data points to accurately predict investment risks — all while being. integrated with the Saudi credit bureaus SIMAH and Bayan, the Ministry of Commerce, and other reputable institutions.

More than 200 customers feel the Lendo-effect

Sustainable Fund!
Securing Sustainable Funding is a common challenges that faces business community. Lendo is one of the reliable lending facilitators in Saudi, it helped our subsidiaries to secure the required working capital to boost growth.
Mohamed ElBarbary
Managing Director
Successful Relationship
“Lendo has been a key partner in Jawhara Store's success since the very beginning. Their support has been instrumental in our growth and expansion, and we are grateful for their continued collaboration.”
Mohamed al-musaibah
General Manager
Quick Financing
With invoice financing, Lendo's professional team enabled us to grow our projects and maintain a strong partnership. We value your support and look forward to continuing our fruitful business collaboration.
Mohammed abdulaziz
General manager
We are grateful for Lendo's support and we would highly recommend their services to other businesses. Their invoice financing solution is a valuable tool that can help businesses to grow and succeed.
Abdullah almalki
General manager
How lendo works

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Sign up as an investor on the Lendo platform. We'll take care of all the data integration and verification for you.
Top up your wallet and start investing upon completing the signup process. You can invest either manually or through our Auto-invest. Learn more!
You'll get your principal amount back and earn profits hassle-free. We take care of crediting funds to the businesse bank accounts and collecting payments on time.
How lendo works

Unlock your potential growth

Supercharge your company's cashflow with financial solutions, specifically tailored to meet the needs of businesses in Saudi Arabia.
Register your company
Sign up as a business on the Lendo platform, and we’ll handle your data integration and verification.
Apply for a loan
Request your desired amount, and our credit risk team will evaluate your application within 5-7 working days.
Get funded
Once approved, we will open your loan opportunity for Lendo investors to fund it.

Keep track of your investment

The Lendo app gives you full visibility. You'll be able to see the amount invested and the expected net profits on the Portfolio summary.
Invest in financing businesses
Track your investments
Manage your portfolio