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The days of desperately waiting for your invoice payments are a thing of the past. With Lendo, you get instant access to cash flow at any moment and focus on growing your business.
How it works?

A quick, simple, and smart fix to increase your liquidity

Apply online for one of Lendo’s financing products.
Lendo reviews the documents and risk-assesses your application for risk approval.
Your application (if approved) goes live as an opportunity for funding on Lendo's platform.
Lendo credits the funding amount to your borrower account once we receive it from lenders.
Pay the borrowed amount in due time to improve your credit score and secure a long-term fix to your liquidity with Lendo.
Value Proposition

What’s in it for you?

We help underbanked businesses have instant access to cash flow at all times. By solving their liquidity problems, businesses can stay laser-focused on what’s most important — growing their business and streamlining their operations.
Improved Cashflow
You no longer have to worry about payment delays disrupting your business operations. 
Tailored rates
Each loan application is uniquely assessed, applying special rates that best match your company's profile and needs.
Easy applications
We make applying for a loan super easy. t only takes a few minutes to complete your application.
You’ll get your cash within days through Lendo. We won’t put you through excessive amounts of paperwork, long waiting times or any of the unreasonable requirements associated with traditional loans.
Efficient process
We minimize human interaction, automating everything to provide you with a fully digited online experience.
Financing solutions

Lendo's Financing Products/Programs

Invoice Financing
Fund your invoices and get instant cash! The waiting period until your invoices are paid does not necessarily mean your business growth has to wait, too.
SME Bank Program
SME Bank Financing Program aims to target SMEs in various sectors, with the goal of filling the gap and enhancing the support of the Sector.
CDF Program
Films Sector Financing Program by the Cultural Development Fund aims to stimulate the growth of a sustainable film sector in Saudi Arabia

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the acceptance criteria for financing?
A valid Saudi commercial registration, with a minimum of one full year of operation and a minimum of SR 3,000,000 turnover.
Does Lendo acquire a percentage of ownership from the companies receiving funds?
Lendo does not acquire any percentage of ownership. We only get the amount of financing back plus profits.
How long does Lendo take to review the profile of my company?
Lendo takes a maximum of 3-5 days to review the profile of the company, once all the required documentation is provided