Flexible & open pricing

Our carefully designed pricing plans take into consideration the needs of teams of various sizes.

Our Products
Managment Fees
Annual ROI
Invoice Financing
2% - 3%
11% -24% annual
SME Bank Financing
9.9% annual
Culture Development Fund
4% - 6%
1% - 3%
Note: Prices are subject to change for some customers based on influencing factors such as the consumer's credit history.
Last update: August 1st, 2023

Frequently asked questions

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Is Lendo a Saudi company registered in Saudi?
Lendo is a Saudi company registered as Limited liability company getting the industry.
Is Lendo a licensed company?
Lendo is licensed financial technology company subject to the supervision of the Saudi Central Bank with license number (61 / أ ش/ 202203)
Does Lendo acquire a percentage of ownership from the companies it funds?
Lendo does not acquire the percentage of ownership of the companies that finance it, but rather gets the amount of the financing amount with profits only.
What are Lendo Fees?
Lendo charges management fees to small and medium businesses