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Get Started

What is Lendo?
Lendo is first Saudi marketplace lending fintech offering shari’a compliant invoice financing to small and medium businesses
Is Lendo a Saudi company and registered in Saudi?
Lendo is a Saudi company registered as a closed Joint Stock company getting industry.
Is Lendo a licensed company?
Lendo is licensed financial technology company subject to the supervision of the Saudi Central Bank with license number (٦١\أش\٢٠٢٢٠٣)
What is Crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is the use of small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals to finance small and medium businesses. Crowdfunding have different forms such as equity funding or debt funding. Lendo offers crowd-lending, collecting money from individual investors to give financing to small and medium businesses.
Are Lendo's investments or financing operations in compliance with Shari'a law?
Yes, all investments and financing operations carried out by Lendo are by the provisions Shari’ah law. To download Shari'ah Compliance Certification click here
Who can I contact if I have a complaint?
The satisfaction of our customers with the services of Lendo is very important to us. If we do not meet your expectations, please inform us. We take your complaint seriously and strive to find a solution to your problem. You can address your complaint to us either by post, e-mail or telephone:

Service Hotline: 8001111806

Email: Support@lendo.sa

Address: Olaya St. Al Wurood Dist. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
What is the procedure when there is a conflict of interest as a result of the existence of a financial interest for Lendo or those associated with it ?
Neither the Lendo platform, nor any of it's subsidiaries, officers, employees, agents, or anyone who has a relationship with Lendo shall have an interest or a material relationship in any transaction that may be concluded on the site and which could give rise to a conflict of interest. It is agreed that Lendo is under no obligation to disclose any conflict of interest or to justify any material relationship to any transaction, unless expressly provided for by the applicable regulations.
What are the emergency measures in Lendo in case of work stoppage ?
As an authorized entity of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia, Lendo has an existing contingency plan that is reviewed annually – at least – to ensure that it is updated in accordance with developments, and Lendo also guarantees the use of a minimum capital commitment in the event of a shutdown.
Why Lendo collect data from investors?
According to the regulations and policies of the Lendo platform, we collect data for investors in order to complete the missing data for the investor and ensure its completeness, and we also enhance the security aspects of the platform, which will reflect on providing an ideal investment experience. The compliance team at Lendo supervises and ensures that all information about investors is correct and complete in accordance with the regulations of the Lendo platform, which gives them the authority to invest in the Lendo platform.

For Business

For Businesses

Why should I finance from Lendo and not another financial institution?
Lendo offers swift financing with competitive fees and flexible terms.
What is the difference between payable invoices and receivable invoices?
Receivable invoices are the amounts owed to a company by its customers, while payable invoices are the amounts that a company owes to its suppliers.
What are the acceptance criteria for financing?
- Valid Saudi commercial registration.
- Minimum of one full year of operation.
- Minimum of SR 2,000,000 turnover.
How long does Lendo take to review the profile of my company?
Lendo takes a maximum of 3- 5 days to review the profile of the company, once all the required documentation is provided
What is the method to apply for a finance request for SME invoices?
By applying on the Lendo platform, where Lendo funds up to 80% of the invoice value sold to the customer. For example, if the value of the goods is SR 1,000,000, then the company will finance SR 800,000, provided that the bill does not exceed a month.
Does Lendo acquire a percentage of ownership from the companies it funds?
Lendo does not acquire the percentage of ownership of the companies that finance it, but rather gets the amount of the financing amount with profits only.
What are the minimum and maximum financing amounts?
The minimum financing amount is SAR 100,000, and the maximum financing amount is up to SAR 7,500,000.
What collateral is taken from the SME to secure the repayment?
Lendo does not take collaterals from SMEs. Lendo requires company and owners promissory note, and personal guarantees.
When do I pay Lendo?
Lendo only accepts one time payment after the agreed financing period has concluded. We do not accept monthly installments.
What are Lendo Fees?
Lendo charges management fees to small and medium businesses. To know more about Lendo fees please click here
What are profit rates that Lendo charges?
Lendo’s profit rates ranges based on the risk assessment of the company start from 0.8% to 2% per month

For Investors

For Investors

Who can invest in Lendo opportunities?
Any Saudi or resident with valid ID, over the age of 18, and has local bank account can make investments on the platform.
Can institutions and companies invest in Lendo?
Yes, they can invest but it depends on the nature of the organization.
What pending approval mean?
It means your profile is under reveiw by the compliance team to verify your information. Once it has been verified, an approval email will be sent to you along with the IBAN transfer information.
I registered, what is next?
After completing your account information and agreeing to the contract, you can deposit funds into your investment wallet and begin investing.
What are the expected profit returns for investors?
The expected annual profits will be in the range of 9% – 18%, according to the company’s risk evaluation. Companies rated A will have lower returns than companies rated D because of the high risk.
When will the investor obtain the principal and profit amounts?
The investor will obtain the money one time after the end of the financing period, as the period of any financing does not exceed six months. In case of any delays from the borrower, investors will be informed through the platform and emails
Is there risk?
This type of investment is considered a risky investment, so returns are appropriate to the risk level.
What does score A, B, C, D mean?
It is our risk assessment bands for each investment opportunity, please visit our scoring engine page to read all the details.
How can I monitor my investments?
You can monitor your investments through your Dashboard in you profile.
What's in the main features of the Dashboard?
- Manage your e-wallet.
- Interactive dashboard to view your investments.
- Alerts on investment opportunities on the platform.
What is the minimum amount for investment?
The minimum amount for investment is SR 1,000.
What is the investment duration in financing opportunities?
The investment period starts from 60 days to a maximum of 180 days, starting from the date of completing or closing the investment opportunity. this duration is set by the SME based on the historical payment time of the clients.
Can I withdraw my funds?
Yes, you can withdraw any money in your wallet or money invested before the end of the investment period.
Can I cancel my investment?
You can only cancel your investment if the opportunity has not been closed yet. Once it is has been closed you will not be able to cancel your investment as per your accepted contract: “Lender Participation Contract.”
How to view investment opportunities?
Once your profile has been approved, you can start viewing the investment opportunities.
How can I top-up my Wallet?
Through a bank transfer to the IBAN provided to you in your account profile.
Is there a fee on amount withdrawal or Top-up?
For withdraw Lendo there is no charge, and for the Top-Up, lendo doesn’t charge you any but maybe there is a fee from your bank-side
What happens if the borrower company is late or not paying?
The necessary procedures will be applied in accordance with the laws, regulations, and legislation set by SAMA. We deal with this matter strictly and work at the highest level of service to secure payments by SMEs on time.
What collaterals you have on the SME?
These investments are unsecured financing, meaning we don’t take any collateral from the SME. We take promissory notes and personal guarantees.
What fees do we charge the investor?
We charge 20% of the profit for each investment opportunity which is automatically deducteds.
What actions are taken in case of delayed or defaulted repayment of opportunities?
Our credit team carefully selects investment opportunities by collecting more than 150 data points, and many data are taken into account to calculate the risk level of the opportunity, and the company was able to repay before any investment opportunity was offered.

The occurrence of delays or stumbling in opportunities is possible in the world of debt crowdfunding depending on the circumstances of the companies requesting financing and because this type of investment is high-risk, and in case of delay, actions are taken according to the case:

- Opportunities beyond the due date from 1 to 15 days: (grace period) The Lendo platform offers a deadline for companies in order to repay the opportunity, due to the payment procedures and the transfer of funds that may take several days after the due date.

- Opportunities beyond the due date from 16 to 90 days: (late opportunity) These opportunities are followed up and the reason for the delay is investigated by our team to ensure that the company is paid during this period urgently, and not delayed any more with the imposition of a financial fine that is distributed to charities or medical institutions.

- Opportunities that are more than 90 days overdue: (a faltering opportunity) In this case, the necessary collection procedures are applied in accordance with the laws, regulations and legislations determined by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia.

our team deals with payment defaults accurately, and works at the highest level of service to secure payments by companies requesting financing. At Lendo, we constantly follow up with our customers the possibility of making payments before the due date of the opportunity, to ensure that payment is not delayed.