Shariah Compliance

Our commitment to Shari'ah Compliance

Compliance is not merely a function or department here at Lendo.
We hold our business conduct according to Islamic Ethics inclusive of principles and values.

How Does Lendo Ensure Shariah Compliance?

When businesses apply for invoice financing, Lendo thoroughly checks whether their business activity and use of funds are in line with the principles of Shariah. That’s a prerequisite for going live on the Lendo platform as an investment opportunity.

Our team is trained to ensure that these values are regularly and consistently met. We have a committed Shariah Supervisory Board that oversees all processes and products, recommending any changes deemed necessary to meet Islamic compliance rules.

We run our business without compromising on our faith and religious values.
How IT works

We Apply Tawarruq Process!

For each transaction executed on Lendo’s platform, we apply the Tawarouq process. This is reflected in all legal contracts, operations, and processes.
1. Fund Collection
Sign up as an investor on the Lendo platform, and we'll take care of all data integrations and information verficiation.
2. Morabaha Transaction
Once you have completed the sign-up, you'll be able to top up your wallet and start investing. You can invest either manually or through our Auto-invest. Learn more! 
3. Selling Commodity
After collecting the funds from you and other investors, Lendo will credit the amount to the business's bank account. Once the business pays on the due date, you'll get your principal plus profits.

Lendo's Shariah Supervisory Board

Diversify your Lendo investments with a wide selection of opportunities ranging from low to high risk ratings
Verifying the platform's compliance with the committee's decisions across products and contracts. 
Clarifying Shariah provisions in all financial and investment transactions on the platform.
Receiving legal-related feedback, whether inside or outside the platform.
Providing advice and guidance to maintain shariah-compliance throughout all platform transactions.
Shariyah Review Bureau W.L.L. (SRB) has been appointed by Lendo ("the Company") as the Shari'a Advisor to advise the Company with respect to the Shari'a compliant products (the "Products") interpretation and compliance with the Shari'a principles. Shariyah Review Bureau W.L.L. is a Middle East-based firm with an international scholarly platform of 35 reputable Shari'a scholars covering the major global Shari'a compliant markets, including Malaysia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Egypt, Qatar, UAE, Sudan and Kingdom of Bahrain.

Licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain it provides Ancillary services covering Shari'a review, structuring, compliance certificates (fatwa), and Shari'a supervisory audit services. The Shari'a Supervisory Board appointed to review and certify the Products's documentation and activities of Lendo is Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad. SRB will also assign the Shari'a audit team to confirm its operations and investments align with the Shari'a principles and report that to the Shari'a Supervisory Board, BOD and stakeholders on an annual basis.

After issuing the annual Shari'a audit report, the SSB will issue their annual Shari'a Supervisory Board areport addressed to the BOD confirming the Shari'a compliance of the Products' transactions executed during the year.

Frequently asked questions

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What is Crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is the use of small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals to finance small and medium businesses. Crowdfunding has different forms such as equity funding or debt funding. Lendo offers crowd-lending, collecting money from individual investors to give loans to small and medium businesses.
Is Lendo a licensed company?
Lendo is a licensed financial technology company subject to the supervision of the Saudi Central Bank with license number (61 / أ ش/ 202203)
Are Lendo's investments or financing operations in compliance with Shari'a law?
Yes, all investments and financing operations carried out by Lendo are in accordance with the provisions Shari’ah law.
Please check the Shari’ah page for more details
Who can invest in Lendo opportunities?
Any Saudi or resident with a valid ID, over the age of 18, and having a local bank account can make investments on the platform.