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Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Financing Program

By Small and Medium Enterprises Bank

SME Bank Program

MSME Financing Program aims to target Micro, Small, and Medium enterprises in various sectors, with the goal of filling the gap and enhancing the support of the Sector.

Apply now! Get the financing that suits the needs of your enterprise. From a wide range of financing products offered by the SME Bank Program in cooperation with Lendo Crowdlending to support Micro, Small, & Medium Enterprises in Saudi Arabia.

Micro Loans

1. Working Capital: General and administrative expenses (rent, sales expenses, transportation, salaries and other expenses)
2. Capital Expenditure (CapEx):
pansion of new vehicles and assets to improve productivity.
Purchase technology software and licensing.
Purchase of machinery and equipment.

Working Capital

1. Working Capital: Including rent, facilities, salaries (Fulltime/Part-time), relocation, and other short-term payables.
2. Invoice Financing: Purchase of raw materials and finished goods.
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